Can I be your slave?

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Yes. Does it happen in two days? Two weeks? No. Slavery means obedience, and obedience comes via repetition, conditioning, subtle and less-subtle brainwashing and reprogramming sessions. Servitude to Mistress is a gift. You will come to love and obey me more than you’ve loved and obeyed anything. But it takes work, devotion, understanding, appreciation. If you want it, it’s there for you. But you have to want it and I do expect you to prove yourself to me. Always ask in the back of your mind, “Does this personally benefit Mistress Amethyst”. If you’re reciting mantras because it turns you on, but you’re not following through with an action related to the mantra, then you’re not benefiting Mistress.  You can also formally request to become my slave.  By completing the Slave Application, you will be telling me something about you, as well as learning what I require.

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